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About us


Marion is a global professional with over 3 decades of experience in the tourism industry. She founded Be Beyond Borders to match talent with the needs of some of the world's most renowned luxury hotel chains.

Marion's migration to the Caribbean exposed her to the genuine kindness and unique cultural traditions of its people. This inspired her to further her career in this region and she would refer to her experience as one that  no university could possibly offer. 

She joined Sandals Resorts International, the largest and most well-reputed employer in the Caribbean, as a Group Manager for Internships. During this stint, she recruited thousands of professionals from over 50 countries for 21 resorts across the Caribbean. 

 Her familiarity with the islands and their people contributes significantly to the comfort of her candidates in territories that are far away from home. As a certified counselor and coach, Marion’s provision of personalized guidance and mentoring is a result of merely natural instinct and passion.

Winfried Weinbeer

Winfried began his journey as an intern and management trainee at Sandals Resorts International, while completing his Masters in Sports Sciences & Tourism Management from the University of Konstanz, Germany. After completion, he specialized in all sectors of the Food & Beverage Division, where he was selected based on outstanding performance to become one of the youngest Directors of Food & Beverage in the entire chain. In this role, he successfully led and guided culturally diverse teams of 300 to 500 members including interns  in running a 24-hour operation.

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